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Cookie Cadger’s binary is completely free! If you’d like, you can also make a donation to Hackers for Charity (HFC). Consider it a way to show your appreciation if you like the software.  You can read about this charity below.

Compatibility & Use

Cookie Cadger works on Windows, Linux, or Mac, and requires Java 7. Using Cookie Cadger requires having “tshark” – a utility which is part of the Wireshark suite, to be installed. Usually simply installing Wireshark will be sufficient.

Additionally, to capture packets promiscuously requires compatible hardware. Capturing Wi-Fi traffic requires hardware capable of monitor mode, and the knowledge of how to place your device into monitor mode.


Make A Donation to Hackers for Charity

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From the Hackers for Charity website:

Hackers for Charity is a non-profit organization that leverages the skills of technologists. We solve technology challenges for various non-profits and provide food, equipment, job training and computer education to the world’s poorest citizens.

We employ volunteer hackers (no questions asked) and engage their skills in short “microprojects” designed to help charities that can not afford traditional technical resources. Our industry experts vet all the work to guarantee a high-quality product, and volunteers are rewarded with glowing references from our industry-recognized subject matter experts. With each project, our volunteers move one step closer to that dream job, and a charity is brought one step closer to its technical goals. We’ve designed and built web sites, set up blogs, programmed custom web applications, conducted code reviews, performed security assessments and more, all through our volunteer’s efforts. In addition, thanks to one donor, we provide hosting, bandwidth and support for the final product free of charge.

We’re also working on the ground in Uganda, East Africa to support aid organizations working to help some of the world’s poorest citizens. We provide free computer training in our computer training center, and we provide technical support in the form of computer repair, networking services and more. We have supported many local schools with the addition of computers and training software.

We also provide food to children in East Africa through our food program. All the profits from sales of my No-Tech Hacking book go into this program along with the income from our (now-defunct) Informer subscription program.

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