Raspberry Pi Installation Guide

Thankfully, getting Cookie Cadger rolling on your Raspberry Pi is pretty simple.

    1. Begin by downloading the Raspbian image and installing it to your SD card.

    2. You might also want to install VNC server access for utilizing the GUI remotely. There are many guides for this, but I like this one.

    3. Once you are up and running, be sure you have internet connectivity. Open the terminal and grab the necessary packages with:
    sudo apt-get install wireshark tshark openjdk-7-jdk

    4. Now get Cookie Cadger:
    wget https://www.cookiecadger.com/files/CookieCadger-XXX.jar
    (Replace ‘XXX’ with the latest version number from the Downloads page!)

    5. That’s it, you’re all set! You can either run headless (meaning no GUI) from the command-line to save precious CPU and RAM, or run with the full GUI. For the full GUI, just run Cookie Cadger by double-clicking the JAR or running from the command-line. For headless, run from the command-line with:
    java -jar CookieCadger-XXX.jar –headless=on (replace ‘XXX’ with the version number).

Please note that you can not replay requests into the browser on the Raspberry Pi or other ARM devices. Trying to do so will cause errors (because Firefox for ARM doesn’t exist). Instead, you can capture to a MySQL database located elsewhere and replay requests from another Cookie Cadger session on a full PC.

Good luck!

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